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I am really looking forward to hearing about your exciting project.  I am open to creative and inventive ideas from artists, community projects and forward-thinking businesses too!

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 I am looking to commission a piece of artwork?

You are in the right place:). I work with private collectors, art galleries, art curators, independent shops, festivals,as well as businesses wanting artwork for their offices.

I would like to stock your artwork in my gallery or shop?

Please call or email to discuss your proposal.  We can move forward from there, I am always interested in working with businesses and would love to hear from you:)

I would like to buy your artwork in bulk?

If you are considering buying more than three pieces of artworks, please get in contact with me.  I offer a 20% discount on orders for three or more pieces of artwork bought from my website. For more information please email or call to discuss. 

I would like to show your Artwork at an Art Show?

Sounds wonderful.  At any one time, my artwork can be in different galleries.  With this in mind, it is best to email or just call and we can chat through your reqiuements.

I am an artist and I would like to collaborate on a project with you?

I am very open-minded and love working with fellow artists. I would be thrilled to hear about your project and what you have in mind.  Email your ideas to me and we can move forward from there.

 What size is your artwork?

I work with paper and raw canvas.

Paper sizes I work with are 50cm x 70cm and 70cm x 100cm.  Either white or ivory 285gsm paperweight.  All paperwork is sold unframed unless requested.  A-frame can be arranged bespoke at extra cost.

Canvas Artwork.

I work in many sizes, if you would like to request a certain size for a specific space, this can be arranged.  Sizes up to 3 metres by 3cm can be painted.

Do you offer courses or work on community projects?

Yes.  I work on community projects and can work with you to create a course.  I offer small groups and private individual courses.  Please email or call to chat through your requirements with me.

Do you sell your handmade brushes and paint?

Yes, I do.  The best way, so I can understand exactly what you are wanting is to either call or email me with your request.


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